After hours of discussion, Commissioners Maggie Kostka and Commissioner Dylan Rumrell could not be swayed to vote for something that, "Could not be enforced," as agreed on by every expert that was asked, beach police, and even all commissioners.

Rumrell pointed out...

 As predicted, the City of St. Augustine is now facing a lawsuit over their mandatory mask policy, just days after its enactment.

This morning, State Representative Anthony Sabatini, who has been involved in multiple lawsuits against other cities and counties attempting...

A Public Safety Message from Sheriff Shoar: 

I wanted to take a moment to discuss an issue that has recently emerged in other parts of our state and across our nation. St. Johns County has already endured many challenges due to the Covid-19 virus and we would like to e...

After hours of public comment, a motion was brought forward by County Commissioner Henry Dean to mandate face masks in St. Johns County, with terms to be discussed and decided at a later time.

The motion did not receive a second from any commissioners, and therefore fai...

UF announced a multi-step approach to "Addressing racism and inequities" last week. Part of the plan was “removing any monuments or namings that UF can control that celebrate the Confederacy or its leaders.” 

In a statement to WJCT News, a UF spokesperson said "Universi...

After suggestions from the City Attorney and City Manager John Regan, Mayor Upchurch enacted emergency powers to close public comment after two hours, and vote to enact their mandatory mask ordinance, which was passed unanimously.

While trying to hash out the details, a...

Section 1. Definitions.

Face Covering shall mean a uniform piece of material that securely covers a person’s

nose and mouth and remains affixed in place without the use of one’s hands. Types

of coverings include a face mask, homemade mask, or other covering, such as a sca...

SJSO Press Release: On June 23, 2020, in the early morning hours, the St Johns County Sheriff’s Office responded to a fire alarm at Freedom Crossing Academy on Shetland Drive. 

Upon arrival, deputies located an unlocked door to the school and several fire extinguishers...

The lawsuit was filed in federal court in Jacksonville by Attorney David McCallister on behalf of a number of plaintiffs, including descendants of people listed on the memorial.

The lawsuit sought to keep the monument from being removed and also asked for a temporary re...

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