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I was born and raised in St. Augustine, Florida, at the old Flagler hospital, which at that time, was located on the Bayfront downtown. Growing up with not much else to do in town at that time, my passion was producing music, and entertaining friends and family with stupid jokes and lame impressions. After years of teaching myself about recording and editing audio for the purposes of music production, I ended up landing a job producing content for a local news radio station, where I started as a sports show producer, and quickly moved into a radio host position, and was managing the radio station within 4 years.

In 2014, I was offered a position producing a new radio show and podcast for The Washington Times called, "The Capitol Hill Show with Tim Constantine". Part of my job, was to meet, and build relationships with members of Congress and the Senate in DC, but mainly their staff members, as they were points of contact for booking the members of congress for interviews on our show. Our goal was always booking 3 "household name" members of congress to come on the show from week to week, and we usually pulled that off.


Honestly though, I went to DC disgusted by the relationship between the news, and politics, and I left completely hating it even more. I felt like there was no system in place to actually inform people of what was happening in government, but rather it was simply just people in power trying to be on the news' good side, and news editors, writers etc doing the same. 


When I came back home, and realized it was not much different here, and I wanted to start something that pulled back the curtain on those relationships, and would never be in bed with politics. While I have interviewed and come to know many local commissioners, and even most of our mayors over the last few years, I have never, and will never take money from a political campaign in exchange for endorsements on my end. I made that clear from the beginning and have stuck to that. I think this really instills a lot of confidence in folks who follow me, that if they hear something from The 904 Now, they know it's not influenced whatsoever by any political interest.


Commissioners and top city officials have been investigated, and have resigned as a result of The 904 Now reports. Public policy has been shaped in residents' favor, based on our ability to truly amplify the voices of concerned local residents of St. Johns County. While people know that I will go after corruption in local government, I do also understand that to make real change, residents and government officials sometimes need a mediator to discuss the issues, and come to a conclusion that works for everyone. I have a good rapport with the City, County, and Beach officials. So much so that I've now hosted the 4th of July, and Nights of Lights with the St. Augustine Police Chief, Barry Fox, and St. Augustine Beach's Mayor recently hung up a picture from an article of mine in City Hall.


Most county and city commissioners, and our local mayors will also routinely visit my programs when important information needs to be discussed. 

My main goal with The 904 Now is, and has always been to amplify the voices of those in my hometown, so that politics is always held accountable to the people who elect our city officials. We will have a lot of fun along the way, but when we need to get loud about something serious, we will, and they know it.

     - Pete Melfi