SANE DRIVERS: When Did People Forget How to Drive in St. Augustine? Basic Driving Lesson (Speed Limi

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This pretty much falls in the "Actual News" category. While wannabe NASCAR drivers are one thing. If they have obvious talent, an understanding of the road, and don't seem drunk or overly aggressive, you can look past it in some instances.

Let's just keep this short. Advice for the idiots who drive 10 MPH UNDER the speed limit, next to each other, taking up both lanes.


The RIGHT LANE is for slower traffic - Think of it as the lane for your brain.

The SPEED LIMIT on the ISLAND (Highest number of violators) is mostly 45

The SPEED LIMIT on 206 is 6oish. Just go at least 65

The SPEED LIMIT on US1 is 45 for the most part until you get near SR 206 when it gets closer to 60

You should be going at least 55 once you pass Publix on SR 16

If you can't follow these basic guides, you can at least stop wondering to yourself why people flip you off every time you get behind the wheel. Because we hate you. It happens because we hate you and the way you drive.

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