AWARD: Why Jack’s BBQ Recognized as #1 Hang Out Spot for St. Augustine's Creepy Old Dude Populat

Taking a walk down A-street in St. Augustine, it won’t take you very long to see why the little bar at the end of the road is frequented by so many sketchy looking characters.

Jack’s sits right across the street from the A-st beach ramp, one of the most frequented beach entrances on the island. Also bikini attire seems to have gotten a bit lax over the last few years. So if you haven’t put the pieces together yet, these denture-lickin' dudes sit here all day to look at asses. Asses they could never get, and asses that remind them of the glory days that have ling since pASSed. MASS ASS for days.

Ass is not a bad draw honestly. Sex sells right? Actually, now that I think about it... Is Jack's open right now?

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