REAL: PATHETIC! Grown Men and Women in Local Government Don't Grasp Importance of Communication

This is true, and absolutely ridiculous. This morning the St. Augustine Record ran a story about SJC Commissioner Henry Dean, who "hopes today’s joint meeting with St. Augustine Beach will foster better communication between the boards."

Dean is quoted as saying, “I hope that it opens a strong line of communication both at the staff level and the board level. The comments I’ve heard … [suggest] there’s a sense that the communication has not been as, let’s say, as open and frequent as maybe the city would like. Since I’m a resident of the city, I feel somewhat of an obligation to make sure that we have good communication between the city and county on all the issues."

In August, Mayor Rich O’Brien said he planned to talk with County Administrator Michael Wanchick to try to improve communication. That came after beach officials, including a commissioner, said the county’s consultant never reached out to them on a parking plan for the county that would have an impact on St. Augustine Beach.

Sounds like excuses from children to me.

Guess what you whiny little bitches in local government? The Residents elected you to be adults and run a fucking city. Does the beach Commission have a reputation for being a bit nutty? Sure. They need to grow the fuck up. We also know about the childish bickering that goes on in the COSA chambers. It's honestly pathetic.

The Record writes that the last time the two boards had a joint meeting was Jan. 29, 2014, according to officials from the county and the beach. The meetings aren’t held on a regular schedule but are held as needed, when there are topics both boards want to discuss.

Hey, newsflash from the fake news site... IT'S ALL (ESSENTIALLY) THE SAME DAMN CITY YOU FUCKS! People who live on the beach work in the city. People who live by the city gates shop on the island. We're all affected by all of your decisions. DUH! You better be talking to each other more than once every three years, and you better learn how to communicate with other GROWN, ELECTED, REPRESENTATIVES of the residents of St. Augustine. We're frankly sick of hearing how incompetent both of your commissions are.

My suggestion to anyone who wants to be elected again, is to take some classes on adulting. I'm sure your child can help you find an app.

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