CONCERNING: People Fleeing Dictatorships Find New Home

People now bravely speaking out, saying the regime has become extremely oppressive, personal opinion is overtly discouraged, and free thinking is not allowed at all. Their population, now desperately trying to escape tyrannical rule. That’s right the original ship swap st. augustine page has seen a huge decrease in traffic over the last year.

"People are reduced to groveling and acting like they truly love the Dear Admin" one refugee told my904news. "If they were to ever try and express their side of the story, they are punished, and sometimes even banned" she said

Oppressive "rules" and an overall lack of respect and common decency for the regime's own people has led them to seek refuge elsewhere. Selling their personal goods in any manner they see fit.

People across the spectrum will say that it is the attempt at control that is most troubling. Another local escapee told my904 news, “The last straw for me was closing on holidays. What the fuck is that? You’re not a store, you don’t have employees, and no matter how hard you make it sound, being a one of three Facebook admins is not a job in any stretch of the imagination. If being an admin is so physically and mentally draining on you that you need a break on holidays, I hope someone abducts you and makes you work at the apple factory in China. Come back and bitch to me when your place of employment has suicide prevention nets around their building” she said.

Actual shitty workplace equipped with suicide nets

Harsh words.

Most did state that the transition to the new "Swip-Swap-St-Augustine-FL" page was a huge relief. People are being liberated from oppression, and that's always a good thing!

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