WE WANT HARRY: Unimportant Harry Potter Actor in Town for Festival - Record Forgets His Real Name

A Harry Potter actor (Not worth mentioning) is in town for tomorrow's Harry Potter Festival. From these screenshots of the St. Augustine Record's interview with (who cares), they flip-flopped on which name they put in parentheses throughout the interview, leading experts at My 904 News to believe that they are trying to pull it off, but definitely don't know which name his actually his given birth name. And didn't take the time to Google it.

UPDATE: Upon further examination, our experts are not convinced that anyone at the Record even conducted this interview. It looks like the actor made up his own questions (Mostly generic to use in any city) and threw in a generic question about what he's looking forward to in St. Augustine, to which he answered (Most likely answered himself and not an interviewer) with something equally as generic.

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