PRICK: Comcast CEO Says "F**k You St. Augustine" - Yeah, We Figured That's How you Fel

Comcast cable continues to openly be the worst cable, internet and phone provider on earth.

In a statement Comcast CEO Brian L. Roberts said, "Fuck you, fuck you peasants we don’t care about customer service at all. We have a monopoly in so many parts of your city that we don’t really need to give a damn about how well any of our services work. We will continue to be the worst cable provider in your area, and we will take pride in that. And again, Fuck you."

Well Mr. Roberts, On behalf of everyone in St. Augustine, fuck you right back. And when you do get fucked, we hope it’s with an elephant tusk dipped in rusty jagged metal for over 72 straight hours. Or until WE decide when to send someone over to help you fix your problem.

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