BRAWLERS: Publix Now Hosts Largest Local Venue for Street Fights

Publix is now rounding up sponsors, and is reportedly in talks with Pay-Per-View to host/broadcast the next round of white trash street fights that are now in the wroks for the venue.

After the third trashy, drug-infused brawl in just weeks, the latest involving three women (with children) Publix, with their slogan, 'Where Shopping is a Pleasure' came out today and made it official.

"These fights are getting us more publicity than we've seen in years. We've already got three sponsors and I think that Dana White (UFC) is about to jump on board as well." Said one manager at the local grocery store. "This upcoming fight is scheduled in two weeks between big time American and Russian free basers. Their styles are both classic. It is shaping up to be a big one" He went on to say.

Publix is charging $20 for adults and $10 for children to watch the fight front row. Although if you bring your children, be advised that they might mistake you for a trashy contender and throw you in the ring.

Publix won't be serving food or drinks in the parking lot, you'll have to go inside their grocery store for that. Yeah, we almost forgot they were a grocery store too.

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