FAKE NEWS ALERT: FCN Runs Completely Unverified "Aids Needle Hoax" Story as FACT

And this is why people don't trust the news. First Coast News in Jacksonville ran a "story" today about an aids needle at a gas pump. Like we haven't all heard this one throughout the entire 90's. Apparently the kid "journalists" haven't heard it yet.

FCN does go on to say the story is verified, however it is actually not at all. FCN sites their "source"as FOX 11 News out of California. This doesn't count as a source upon further digging. FOX 11 only says that the man's daughter is the only one to "verify" this story. SHE said that the gas station has footage, and that he was stuck by an AIDS needle and filed a police report. Heads up, anyone can file a report, doesn't mean they're telling the truth.

And in this case they very well may not be.

Police did confirm that there is a report, but refused to confirm that it involved a needle, or that there was any footage of the incident.

Hey SHITTY "NEWS" SITES! Confirm your news through verifiable sources before you print this bullshit and try to scare people. There is almost NOTHING confirming this story actually happened, or that you have anything to worry about.

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