Don't Worry, Mayor McMansion Isn't Getting Off the Hook That Easy...

You didn't think we were going to let one of the most controversial aspects of this meeting go to waste did you?

St. Augustine Mayor Rich O'Brien continued to come under fire for stacking up two houses in his district, that both violate setback rules. The Mayor tried to ease tensions earlier in the meeting by declaring he had pulled out of the controversial healthcare deal, along with Commissioner John Voight. I don't think it worked.

The Mayor was grilled and repeatedly told how to do a better job with his life. Many in the real estate world thought it ridiculous that Mr. O'brien would not know these basic rules, seeing as how he was in real estate, and is also, you know... The Mayor and all.

You would think the Mayor would know not to break the law right?

Yeah... Residents seem to be pretty sure he knew exactly what the laws were, but like so many on the beach commission, seems to just not give a fuck.

A large group of people are now calling for the Mayor to destroy his houses and start from scratch and/or pay a fine. And follow THE LAW this time.

However it ended like this...

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