EXCLUSIVE: Ned Pollack Signs On For First Show With Studio9 Podcast House

Chances are you've been in one or more of his restaurants, depending on how long you've lived in St. Augustine. Ned Pollack, who currently owns Ned's Southside Kitchen, has become somewhat of a local celebrity around town, not just for his great food, but also his personality. Many people who come in to Ned's look forward to him taking some time out of the kitchen to come tell stories and share laughs at their tables.

As a business owner for over 30 years here in St. Augustine, Ned has a strong grasp on the economy and unique insights into thriving in an ever evolving world. Ned will bring his stories, knowledge and humor to the mic for what is sure to be a one of a kind experience!

Studio9 just officially opened it's doors a few days ago, and they plan to specialize in producing top level online and social media content for those interested in reaching today's audience from the comfort of their own town. Another plus for local talent is that they can have the full experience of a podcast studio, without spending tens of thousands of dollars on equipment.

For right now THE 904@904 is on a roll and also now recording at Studio9, but the addition of Ned's new program should provide a more measured take on current events.

More info on the date, schedule, and times will be available soon.

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