SNEAK PEEK: Beach City Hall Renovations Reflect how Commissioners View Voters

In a shocking and blatant showing of just where their allegiance really lies (Hint: Not to the residents of the beach), the St. Augustine Beach Commission replaced the long standing city seal this week, with official North Korean portraits of Kim Jong-Un, and his longtime repressive dictator father, Kim Jong-Il.

Commissioners thought this was necessary to make it very clear to residents exactly how they feel their relationship with the local population should be.

“This should remove all doubt about the relationship we expect from St. Augustine Beach's people.” said Mayor Kim Jong McMansion. “We have all the power in this town, this is not a western democracy anymore, and if any doubt remains we will be passing another bill, in secret, and without any public discussion, to hear by ban those who speak out against the regime. Disruptors of the 'Dearest of all Leaders' will be immediately removed from city hall, and sent directly to labor camps, where they will be sentenced to three years of construction on my multiple illegal beachside palaces.” he said

On a positive note, the mayor is a builder who seemingly doesn’t know building code, and the vice mayor is a lawyer who seemingly doesn’t know the law, so I doubt any real progress will be made in the way of imposing true tyrannical rule on the beach population any time soon.

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