BREAKING: Anti-Tourism Council Now Lets YOU Instantly Send Discouraging ads to Tourists ANYWHERE! FO

This is big! And it's real! The Anti-Tourism Council is now giving you a way to directly impact traffic issues in St. Augustine! As the video below shows, you now have the option to reach potential visitors in any state in the US, And Quebec, to let them know we don't necessarily want them coming here.

Facebook has an unbelievably strong marketing platform, letting their users target very specific people, or groups of people that you so choose. For instance, "Boosting" the video for just $10 will allow you reach up to 4,500 people in Chicago, almost instantaneously! All who have interests in travel, beaches , etc.

Yep, this is for real.

The vast majority of what's collected will go towards reaching people, in any state YOU choose, who have an interest in travel, historic cities, and other "tags" that help narrow down the audience to make sure and reach the maximum number of potential tourists as possible. The rest will go right back in to making more ant-tourism related content.

This is not only a chance for locals to take the wheel, but also a message to local government that if they don't start paying attention to residents, we will take matters into our own hands! Since they seem to be more concerned with the comfort of tourists, at the expense of most residents.

We can all help make an impact in St. Augustine, for a better government, and less burden on our residents.

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