BIG DEAL: Ned Pollack to Release First Two Podcasts This Week

The anticipation has been building, and after just a few weeks, the wait is finally over!

Ned Pollack is enjoying podcasting from Studio9 in St. Augustine, the area's only podcast studio. His first episode, in which he discusses the truth behind the mythical Bill Murray story, is out now and gives viewers a chance to have a ringside seat in some of the more fascinating and opinionated conversations you have heard in a while.

The second episode is said to be coming out before the weekend is over!

" It's a lot of fun!' says Ned about his time in the studio. He says he will be looking to do frequent podcasting, and hopes to evolve the show's format as time goes on. Right now he's just enjoying having a microphone in his face, and we think you will like the results too!

Follow Ned from the Studio9 Podcast page on Facebook and on their YouTube channel as well.

Audio only versions will be available if you want to listen in your car as well, HERE

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