BACKFIRE: Political Campaign Manager Tries Trolling Anti-Tourism Council in Epic Fail - ATC Gets Bes

The screenshots exist, but we don't want to run a negative campaign against anyone. That's not the case for one local politician's campaign staff though.

Some people just don't get it.

While locals are excited that they now have real tools to curb tourism, and challenge the political power structure that puts tourists before local interests, a campaign staffer (possibly on direct orders) is now trying to put a muzzle on freedom of expression, as political players often do.

The Anti-Tourism Council Facebook page however saw a huge boom in shares (+200 total), likes, and donations yesterday. The site has had steady traffic since it's inception, with tens of thousands of video impressions in just two short weeks. There was a noticeable spike in traffic today, and some wondered why, until multiple people came forward saying that a woman who lists herself as a campaign manager for Congressional hopeful Adam Morley, as well as a 'social media promoter' (Which you would think would know better than to troll) tried sending DM's to multiple members of the page, asking them to 'Unlike The Anti-Tourism Council'.

However, locals pushed back and gave the page it's biggest day yet!

We'll take backlash support any day.

Adam Morley's website says he wants politicians to "Support Local" but it seems his staff is fully on board with the "tourism drives our entire economy" myth.

Ashlee Raven (Alleged troll) was quoted as saying in DM's, 'St. Augustine is and always will be a Historical Tourist Town. When you "wage war" on the sole thing that brings money to the community, you hurt the community.'

"The SOLE thing"? I'm sure the thousands of local business owners who DON'T cater mainly to tourists would disagree with Morley's campaign manager's statements. Someone might want to inform the campaign that the devaluing of the importance of local businesses is never a good political move.

So who does Morley's team value more? Locals or the tourism industry? The woman apparently left two negative reviews on the ATC Facebook page as well, from two separate Facebook accounts (troll tactic). Both accounts shared the same first name and spelling, and were posted within a short amount of time apart from each other (All the troll red flags).

Staffers, and especially 'social media promoters' should know by now that they can't be trolls. Everything they do reflects extremely poorly on their boss/candidate.

I honestly haven't heard much about Morley good or bad, but I would recommend losing the trolls in his camp, and not trying to play by D.C. rules just yet. As someone who worked with US Senators and Congressmen on the Hill for years, I can tell you staff can destroy a campaign with unprofessionalism. While we don't claim to be the bastions of professionalism at My 904 News, local politicians should definitely not be trolling local business pages.

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