FOOD REVIEW: Amazing Burgers, Great Service, One Problem

First off let me say that I've probably averaged a burger a day for the last 15 years. I feel I can safely say that I have more experience with cheeseburgers and almost anyone on the planet. Almost every restaurant offers them, and you can never go wrong ordering one, especially a fresh made burger.

Eating at Old City Mkt, located across from Mojo's Tacos, I was extremely impressed! I got a "Spicy City Burger" and it was one of the most flavorful burgers I've ever had. Great sauce with just enough kick, the burger was cooked fully but tender and cooked fresh. Quality ingredients, and even the fries were great!

Even though it's pretty much a self serve place (You get your own drinks, condiments etc. which I like) our server was great, pleasant and got our food out quickly.

There was not a single bad part about the experience.

The ONLY thing you'll want to make sure and do is bring CASH for your server, as they don't have the ability to take electronic tips at this time. Again, since this is pretty much a self serve place, I understand not having the option, especially if staff is making more money than they do in most traditional full service restaurants (Which I have to assume is the case). However as someone who has personally endured the hell that can be the restaurant business, I can say I just don't personally feel comfortable leaving without the ability to tip.


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