RANT: St. Augustine Record Staff in Epic Troll Battle on Rant and Rave Page. Acknowledges BR&R B

The St. Augustine Record has stepped in it on a popcorn worthy thread attack on local social media figure, Deane Newsome.

In possibly the longest run-on sentence ever after being grilled about participants paying to be listed for recent event, Record Account Executive Laura Kelly said, "The restaurants did not pay to get listed. They paid to participate. They got their logos in the newspaper everyday for over a month, they got two ads in the compass leading up to the event, they got coasters, they got posters they got tent cards they got a Facebook event page sponsored by St Augustine media they got a website for voting, there will be another full-page ad in this Sunday's paper announcing the winners and thanking everyone, they got an awful lot of publicity they sold a ton of burgers..."

While lots of people scratched their heads wondering what the difference was, Kelly went on to take a shot at Newsome's alternative "Best of" poll, where voters are not encouraged one way or the other, and no one "pays to play."

Check out the thread for yourself...

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