If Old Man is Trying to Abduct Children at Splash Park Needs His Ass Beat ASAP

(UPDATE) While police investigate the alleged incident, it is important to point out that while anyone who is involved in mistreating children deserves every ass beating that comes their way, I have to stress that your FIRST plan of action should always be to call 911 ASAP.

The St. Augustine beach police are investigating reports that a man in his 50s attempted to abduct a 2 year old girl last week at the pier splash park. This after reportedly hearing about the incident on social media.

When a woman took to social media to warn others that an older man started conversation with her, and later tried to abduct the child, others shared similar experiences.

If anyone has any information as to the identity of this man, personally, I think they should consider immediately beating the living fuck out of him. And then hand his near dead body to police.

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