BOLD GAMBLE: St. Augustine Power Structure Eyes Risky Move to Take Down My 904 News for Checking the

Sources close to My 904 News have informed us that there is a man who allegedly has hired "Two lawyers" in an attempt to bully, and possibly try to Sue Pete Melfi, of My 904 News.

This man is a prominent figure in St. Augustine and his name is known to us here at My 904, and around town. We will not be releasing his at this time until we have confirmed the details with him personally.

I would have to imagine that any attempt at coming after the only true source of unbiased, unsponsored information in town, and Melfi, the 'Voice of the People' will not be met with anything other than a decline or complete lack of local business.

The fact that local politicians and people within the power structure continue to come after us lets us know that we're doing something right. It also would seem, that it illustrates the political elite's lack of understanding of just how much of an impact the truth can have on their local establishments.

When the "Big Guys" come after the "Little Guys" it NEVER... EVER looks reflects well on the big guys.

We will not be threatened, or bullied into silence. PERIOD. And those who take action agains the will and voices of hard working local residents should not have an expectation of growing business by doing so. I would expect quite the opposite.

But that's just my opinion.

Stay tuned, because gag order or not, we WILL report the facts if this continues to develop, and the names and businesses involved, should legal action be attempted on My 904 News.

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