OUTCRY: VCB Wants to Spend Tourism Money on Year Round Tourism - NOT to Benefit Residents - Surprise

This is fucking ridiculous, and to those who say tourism dollars go back in to the community, here you go...

Richard Goldman is the President of the VCB, and also (Coincidently?) a 'former' advertiser according to his LinkedIn profile. FUUUUUCK this is fishy!

The Visitors Convention Bureau has just started a $210,000 advertising campaign to attract tourism throughout even more of the year. Greedy much?

That's $210,000 bed tax dollars that are NOT going back towards benefiting our community. Contrary to popular belief, and VCB and TDC propaganda, we do not benefit from this money as much as hotels, advertisers, and politicians in bed with those hotels and advertisers do.

Leanna Freeman and Nancy Sikes-Kline appeared to speak in opposition, however the campaign had already gone into effect by the time they did so, meaning this unfortunately just appears to be a political push for public support on their parts. If they really wanted to stop this campaign by the VCB, they should have done so much earlier. Proactive, not reactive as they have shown to be this week.

Both commissioners, Freeman and Sikes-Kline did say that their constituents have expressed their feelings of, "Tourism fatigue" which is a nice way of saying what My 904 news has been saying for months now, which is, "We fucking hate tourists."

Skies-Kline said she would like to see more product development and less advertising from bed tax money. Tourism may be settling down since the city's 450th, but she said of residents, "They might actually be a little relieved" by the slow down.

The VCB is out of control, and despite seemingly fake outcries by the political class, in order to try and appear as if they care about residents, the VCB and TDC faces no real opposition other than the Anti-Tourism Council.

The Anti-Tourism Council is promising a new round of campaign ads to counteract the VCB, TDC and other organizations that seek to line their pockets through tourism at no benefit to residents.

"We will be drastically upscaling our operation in the very near future." A representative from the Anti-Tourism Council said. "It is not a coincidence that these organizations are now trying to step up their advertising. We are making a real impact in the fight against tourism locally. We believe in educating, and serving the needs of residents here, and we will be rolling out new ways to do so. The voices of residents have been heard. We will not go away, we will only become louder."

The council also says that, "We need to hit these people where it hurts. The only way to get their attention is to affect their personal bottom lines by not patronizing their businesses, and encouraging visiting family and friends to do the same. Online reviews are also a powerful tool in sending a message."

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