WTF? In Our Quest to Mock the News, We've Somehow Become the Most Trusted Local Source for it. H

Seriously, what just happened here?

My 904 news has been known for the outrageous "904@904" series, as well as hilarious criticisms of our government, and tourism industry. In doing so we don't hold back the facts, because the facts are often outrageous, and also downright comical sometimes.

But in our quest to effectively mock todays dying news media, a strange thing has happened. We have become an outlet that people trust for the truth. An unsponsored, unfiltered look at St. Augustine's failures and corruption.

Over the last month numerous whistleblowers, and moles inside city governments, have come to my 904 news in search of an unbiased way to call attention to behind the scenes looks at some of the most shocking issues our county is facing.

We are about to have a series of reports that will be blowing the lids off of cover ups and downright injustices occurring at all levels of city and county government.

We will continue do strive for the goal of laughter first and always. However we do understand the responsibility to the audience we have, to always tell the truth, and be informative in our "reporting."

The political class in this town may not care about integrity, but we do.

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