WOW FACTOR: How First City Studio is Helping Local Business Owners Succeed on Today’s Media Platform

Today’s advertising environment can seem overwhelming. However, if you own a business, you know that advertising is key. Actually, let me start over. EFFECTIVE advertising is key.

Today more than ever, advertising is driven by social media. Social sites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter give you the ability to reach out to your community, or to the world, while targeting only the exact demographics you’re looking to reach.

The problem that I came across in selling radio and TV, was that local businesses had to cast a wide net on these platforms, knowing a large percentage of listeners and viewers weren’t going to be interested in their product at all.

This is because radio and TV can’t target their listeners by age, interests, location etc. They have to rely on sheer numbers, which today are lower on a local level than ever.

People want, and get their entertainment on demand. Smart advertisers have realized this and are shifting their ad dollars to social media.

Facebook is so confident in their dominance of the media market, deciding to compete directly with TV via their new “Watch feature” according to Business Insider.

We all know Facebook’s algorithms are smart! With almost the entire world using their platform, they are very good with their ability to single out users, and help their advertisers reach their desired audiences. But it’s not only big national chains like McDonalds and Amazon taking advantage of social media’s reach. Locals like First City Studio Media are completely on top of it all, and can help make the process easy, while providing LOCAL business owners with the highest quality visuals in St. Augustine.

FCS Media has done everything from the #STAStrong tribute to Hurricane Matthew victims

To local fashion shows

Real estate

Even reality show style episodes for local car dealerships and their salesmen

As well as many of the videos you see at My 904 News!

FCS Media has been racking up hundreds of thousands of online views, and a reputation for unsurpassed local quality in the process.

Your online visuals can make or break your entire public image, since so many people now get the majority of their information online. Make sure you get it right the first time!

With experience at the highest levels of visual advertising, production, and editing, First City Studio Media can help you make the right impression on any and every audience!

If you need help maximizing your professional exposure locally, or nationally, contact and view more at

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