PTC: St. Augustine Gives You Less than 10 Free 'Attractions' That You Don't Want to go t

Why are local publications trying to put lipstick on this fat and ever-growing pig? The Pro-Tourism Council regurgitated the claim recently that, 'St. Augustine offers free attractions to give back to locals during the slow season.' This claim was made in an attempt to prove that St. Augustine DOES give locals benefits in exchange for being forced to put up with tourism in the height of the season.

This is such a complete joke. St. Augustine officials, the tourism industry, and those working with them like to try and throw it in your face that they offer locals free attractions. 'See... We do things for locals!'

Please... All of these "attractions" are places that as locals, we don't visit anyway.

This is another, and maybe the most pathetic attempt to calm the growing local disgust for the tourism industry.

The spin on this is ridiculous. Are they really using this to try and prove that St. Augustine values locals as much as tourists? How about repaying residents by giving us something that we actually can use. Free parking, free drinks or freeing us of the homeless epidemic in downtown St. Augustine. We don't give a single fuck about a free tour of the lighter museum.

The eight 'attractions' that you'l never want to go to are:

-The Oldest House

-The Lightner Museum

-Ximenez-Fatio House

-Oldest Wooden Schoolhouse

-City Walk Tours

-Visitor Information Center Exhibits (Why the fuck would we want to do something made for visitors?)

-Flagler College Tours

-Ride (Only with a paying friend) the trolleys

I HATE constantly having to point out the flaws in our local community, but people keep pretending like we have it so great because of tourism. Rising home prices, extreme cost of living, and traffic that will drive you to assisted living about 40 years early. Yeah, so fucking great! I just want to make it perfectly clear, that WE, you and I, the normal, hard working locals, DO NOT personally benefit from tourism. St. Augustine is spoon feeding us myth after myth.

Myth #1) Tourism drives our economy...

REALLY? With almost a quarter of a million locals, we need help from tourists? Sorry but fuck off with that shit. It's not true. So we're the only population of that size that can't sustain itself? This is nothing but a MYTH brought to you by the downtown St. Augustine tourism industry.

Myth #2) Tourism money benefits locals...

HOW?!?! Bed tax money goes mainly right back to ADVERTISING to tourists, in an effort to get more bed tax money, and continue the absurd cycle. As locals, we do not benefit from this money unless you have a fetish for extreme tourism, or you are the type of person who robs tourists. In either case you're kind of a shitty person.

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