INSIDERS: Goldman Overthrown in VCB 'Coup' by Winery Owner - No Real Search to be Conducted

The VCB doubted that we had inside sources in their agency. But only we have this story. Not everyone in the tourism industry is happy with the direction they are going in.

There will be no real search as Cox reportedly eyes power seat.

Obviously, there is more to this story than what was reported by local media. While many locals think that Richard Goldman should not have been serving on the VCB anyway, inside sources reported to My 904 News that this was more of a political overthrow of the Visitor and Convention Bureau orchestrated mainly by Charles Cox, owner of the San Sebastian Winery.

Reports coming from multiple reliable sources in and around the agency say that Cox had been taking members to "low-key" secret dinners for months in an effort to 'wine and dine' them into making this decision. Many insiders didn't want their opinions heard publicly. One man involved closely with the VCB is PISSED, and spoke to us on the condition of anonymity.

We're told that Cox made this move in an effort to take hold of the power seat at the VCB, and in turn drive more tourism business to his establishment. Some close to the situation are very unhappy with the 'shady' approach taken by Cox.

Does this explain the alcohol related tourism advertising campaign? It's awfully fishy.

The VCB can't even control themselves, yet we trust them to handle tourism responsibly in our city. Something has to change in this power struggle taking place behind the scenes.

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