Reasons why the Jaguars are DEFINITELY Moving to London

If you still have any doubts, this should make things abundantly clear. Enjoy (or not) the Jaguars while we got 'em.

5) Training Facility Near Wembley

According to the London Newspaper, City A.M., The Jags are quietly looking to set up a training facility near Wembley Stadium.

"The Jags are keen to set up a training facility near Wembley to make it easier for players and staff to prepare when they come to the city for their annual fixture at the national stadium.Officials from the Florida-based team say they have held informal discussions with Brent Council about the proposals, which include provision for community use of the facility when the NFL is not in town."

Yeah, they said, "Keen."

4) They Suck on Purpose

Maybe the most flimsy, but definitely not outside the realm of possibility, the Jags are purposely tanking in order to LOSE the Florida fanbase. Let's face it, even us die hard Jags fans are getting tired of watching games past the point of (insert every QB in the last 10 years here)'s first interception. Even when we keep it close, we miraculously find a way to lose by one point. If we continue to be disheartened by this team, we won't even put up a fight to keep the team here, we might even welcome their departure.

3) The Pool

Why would we have a pool at the stadium, when football season is mainly played in winter months? Because soccer is played mostly in summer months. The pool is perfect for soccer fans looking to beat the EXTREME heat of the Florida summer.

2) Follow the Money

Shad Khan has dumped, and is planning to further dump a ton of money into the downtown Jacksonville area. Many people will tell you, "The Jags aren't going anywhere because Shad Khan is invested so heavily in the city." While this is true, it is a smokescreen. Shad Khan wants to bring soccer to thee area. He has invested in the city as a strategic move to not only give the impression that he is keeping the Jaguars here, but also so that he is in favorable standing with the community for his Armada roll out. They already share team colors so other than logos, the stadium will not have to be redone further to accommodate the Armada full time.

Annual London Games

The Jaguars are the only team to play in London every year as part of the NFL's agreement to play two games in at Wembley every year. This may be the most obvious, and overlooked sign that the Jags are preparing to play there full time. In getting the London fans used to seeing the Jags, and buying their merchandise, they will already have a fanbase to welcome them with open arms when they make the big move. The organization has referred to themselves on multiple occasions as, "London's Team."

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