Chief Hardwick: 'I Don't Think There's Any Question' Grimes Had Dunes Cut

Towards the end of this week's beach city commission meeting, Vice Mayor Undine George brought up the issue of whether or not Dr. James Grimes and his wife, Grace were responsible for having protective dunes at their house cut out. A move that puts an entire neighborhood at risk.

When Vice Mayor George asked St. Augustine Beach Police Chief Robert Hardwick for an update, he explained that since the violation did not occur with officers present, it was considered a "misdemeanor exemption" and charges were forwarded to the State Attorney's office.

When the vice mayor asked about determining if the Grimes' were at fault, Chief Hardwick replied. "I don't think there's any question."

A witness previously told police he saw Grace Grimes, who owns the property right in front of the damaged dunes, speaking with a construction crew regarding work behind her home

An approximately 6-by-12-foot-deep trench was cut through the dunes... Right behind their house.

How do you expect not to get caught for this?

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