Just Days After Tragedy, The Record Paints Dan Bilzerian as The Worst Guy Involved - WTF?!?!

The "local paper" sunk to a new low today. In what can only be described as extremely bizarre, the St. Augustine Record decided that they would run a story this morning, originating from a Washington Post writer, about instagram star Dan Bilzerian, and his personal experience during the Las Vegas shooting. The strange article only served to try and paint Bilzerian, an ex poker star turned internet celeb, as a coward and fraud for not engaging the Vegas shooter in a one-on-one firefight. Are you F#%<ing serious? WTF is going on with that establishment?

The Record (Republished article) bashes Bilzerian for his lifestyle and questions his manhood after he posted a video online of him (like everyone else) running from the scene of the shooting as shots were still being fired from the Mandalay Bay Hotel.

Piece of advice for this paper. Stop running this bullshit. No one in St. Augustine cares, and you're not the source we look to for unbiased national news. You're not TMZ and we don't want you to be. If you spent as much time covering local issues instead of pushing your corporately owned, agenda driven biased fake news, people might actually take you seriously again.

But I don't think you care.

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