LOW BALL: Commissioner Wants FEMA to Send 1 Dollar in Assistance to St. Augustine

At a closed door meeting, according to a semi-reputable local news organization, Commissioner Jimmy Johns (Not the sub place) said, "I'd like $1 from FEMA... It would be $1 more than we've received to date."

Johns was being a bit sarcastic (hopefully) when driving home his point that FEMA has yet to pay a single dollar in recovery money to St. Augustine. Not money from Irma, but money requested to help deal with the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew, which hit St. Augustine over a full year ago.

It's obvious to most of us that dealing with the federal government is typically a pain in the ass, and FEMA doesn't have a great track record after emergencies, even though that's really their only single responsibility. I guess they're still spending that time and money on those camps that Alex Jones is always talking about.

Be careful what you wish for though, Mr. Johns. You might just get your wish with the way our system works these days.

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