SAVAGES: Sarbez Don't GAF! Wins Facebook Savagery Today With Scathing Post for Vandal

"Sorry your mom hates you and you have daddy issues..." Because being PC isn't required online. Sarbez took to social media today to burn dudes. Sort of...

After an apparent break in and vandalism, Sarbez staff decided to do some good ol' fashioned calling out. Which, as you may know, we have no problem doing here either. The post was laced with name calling and extreme sarcasm, and was particularly entertaining.

The post read...

"Thank you SO MUCH to the famous artist who put there "touch" on the unfinished new room at Sarbez! I can't believe how talented you are. Thanks for breaking and entering. You couldn't be more respectful as a human, sorry your mom hates you and you have daddy issues. Maybe next life will work out better for you.

**the fact you come here and have a good time, and WILL continue to come here and use this new room to your own pleasure and pretend like nothing happened. Makes me sick. I'm assuming you're a dude just because from my experience dudes do dumb stuff, I hope you never have a girlfriend, never get married and never have children because people like you are a disgrace to the existence of mankind**"

Thumbs Up, Sarbez. I can appreciate putting jackasses in their place!

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