YIKES: Local Icon Protested After 'Blackface' Costume by Employee - 'She Has Biracial Gr

Is this an insensitive misstep by the employee, or did people just get overly offended by an innocent costume? In 2017 wearing something like this is something you definitely need to put some thought and consideration into.

Pamela Cross, who owns The Bunnery with her husband, said Tuesday afternoon that she wasn’t there for the initial interaction when her husband called the police. But with protesters standing outside her front door, she said no offense was ever meant by the costume or the employee who chose to wear it.

“She has biracial grandchildren,” Cross said of the employee, whose name she declined to give. “She is the least racist person in the world.”

Of course, CBS News jumped on the story, which was covered by Brittany Donovan of the Jacksonville affiliate station.


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