Beachcomber Owner Don Samora is Your New Beach Commissioner - Undine George Your New Mayor

It was a big night at the City of St. Augustine Beach Commission meeting on Monday, and Commissioners elected a new member, as well as a new mayor.

Beachcomber Owner Don Samora was voted by commissioners to fill the seat vacated by Gary Snodgress.

And after a wannabe slick move by (Former <THANK GOD> Mayor) Rich O'brien in nominating someone other than the Vice Mayor to fill his seat, the commission voted 3-2 to elect Undine George the next Mayor. She will be sworn in at the next commission meeting.

I spoke with Mayor George at the meeting, who said that she appreciates the coverage from My 904, and that we are getting people involved in a new and innovative way. She said to make sure we continue to hold her and other commissioners accountable.

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