FESTIVUS? Locals Air Grievances On Lack Of Storm Debris Pickup

She may not have the traditional Festivus pole, but one St. Augustine resident is decorating what would most closely resemble a festival icon, as well as airing her grievances with St. Johns County.

"Hey St Johns County—no need to hurry. We decided to decorate our Irma debris with Christmas lights So take your time!" This was the post made just a few hours ago in the St. Augustine News Facebook page.

She's apparently had the storm debris in front of her yard for so long, that she figured she might as well dress it up a bit, as a semi-permanent fixture of her home. The poster appears to have formed her debris into a makeshift tree, or possibly pole, complete with colored lights.

I think it's great from a sense of humor perspective, she probably doesn't think it's as funny as I do.

We reached out to the poster to see which part of town she lives in. We will update this story with any new info as we get it.

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