EXCLUSIVE: Mayor Shaver and City Manager John Regan Respond To My 904 Reports

January 10, 2018


We're now getting some numbers from The City of St. Augustine regarding a My 904 Report on a city contract, to which the City Manager's daughter's firm was involved. Below are email responses received this week, from Mayor Nancy Shaver, as well as City Manager John Regan regarding our questions on the issue.





Hi all-
I promised Pete Melfi who is copied on this e-mail a detailed follow up on the questions he raised regarding John's daughter's involvement in the Bayfront redesign.  I've copied Jim Piggot as well since he is responsible for contracting.

Here are the questions I took away; Pete, feel free to add and communicate directly on this.
1. Scope of work for Bayfront redesign
2. Contracting dates
3. Project dates
4. Project dollar amount
5. Contracting process.  It's my understanding that this fell under the Matthews Design Group on-going contract, and that the dollar amount did not require competitive bidding.
6. Involvement of Fort Lauderdale firm where John's daughter is/was employed. Selection, scope of work, contracted employees.







Dear Mayor Shaver,

As we discussed last Thursday, I had Jim Piggott  review the Bayfront contract.  He brought me some details on Friday.   Our last bidding resulted in a response that exceeds the budget.  We are currently reviewing the scope, means and methods to get the project in line with the budget.  The Bayfront project budget is $558,000 which $400,000 is granted funded from the Florida Navigation District and the Port and Waterway Authority.  The large time gap in the chronology represents the time to seek grant funds.

Date                    Comment                                                 

2/5/14                  Matthews Design Group Contracted for planning and design -VALUE: $36,000
                        Using publically solicited continuing engineering services
                        Contract.  Jim is getting me a narrative of the statutory
                        Process we follow to select continuing engineers.

4/8/15                  Matthews change order #1                                       

VALUE: $10,000

3/23/15                 Disclosed to the commission that the sub consulting
                        Architect, REG, sub consulted landscape design to Cotleur
                        Hearing for approximately $2,000 to do landscape material
                        selection and irrigation.  My daughter works for Cotleur Hearing
                        so I directed the design team to terminate any further services
                        from Coltleur Hearing.

                        This meeting is where the City Commission asked us to seek
                        Grants to help offset the cost of the project.

3/27/17                 Change order #2                                         

VALUE: $23,200

At My 904 News, we are continuing to look into this information, as well as other information as to the nature of the procurement of this and other city contracts.


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