GET HIM OUT NOW: rich obrien Gang F#cks Up Again! Votes To Cut Public Comment At Commission Meetings

“I love silence,” Commissioner Rich O’Brien said in response to a protestor, who used about a minute of his time to stand silently before the commission. This guy apparently gives zero fucks and thinks we don't care.

Vice Mayor Margaret England, new Commissioner Donald Samora, and St. Augustine's least liked Commissioner Rich O’Brien voted to trim down public comment.

Mayor Undine George and Commissioner Maggie Kostka opposed the move.

“I don’t see any reason at all to change that,” Koskta said. “We are here to work for the people. How do we know what is on their mind unless we give them the opportunity to speak their mind?”

The vote also signals commissioners' unwillingness to put in the time needed to work on behalf of the people they serve, by also cutting meetings down to a 9:30pm time limit, unless commissioners vote for a time extension.

Yeah, I bet that'll happen often...

The vote makes clear commissioners' complete disregard for input from the public, and once again points to the apparent fact that they just don't give a fuck about you or I.

Time to clean house this election, because this Beach Commission is getting insane!

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