'REVIEW' 4 Commissioners Say ZERO Need For ANY Regan Improvement - Suggest Lowering Standard

The point of a performance review, at least I thought, was to take a look at the good, as well as the bad, and to let people know where they can improve and be better. Apparently however, almost the entire St. Augustine City Commission thinks City Manager John Regan is God in the flesh, and that he couldn't be doing a better job.

Even in the shadow of a sketchy city contract being the subject of conversation (Which Commissioners admitted was a topic they were often asked about going into the meeting) four of five Commissioners gushed on Wednesday morning about how great of a job City Manager John Regan has done over the years. Apparently fully engulfed in the political bubble, Leanna Freeman couldn't stop raving about Mr. Regan, saying that she hears all the time 'how great a job John Regan is doing with the city.'

She might want to get out more, because talk among real people is not unanimous.

I wasn't there to bitch about what Regan does or doesn't do. I was there to document the conversation and bring it to you as it was. Many were expecting a meaningless circle jerk.

Vice Mayor Todd Neville however, had other plans.

Neville to his credit was the only Commissioner who offered criticism of ANY KIND during the special session. He even went further than that, as you will see below in our exclusive video from the meeting, calling for John Regan's job...

As Neville expressed concern about tasks that he says Regan has not accomplished well, Commissioner Nancy Sikes-Kline suggested lowering the bar for Regan's performance standards might be the way to go.

"We set lofty goals, but are they realistic?" She asks.

In response to Commissioner Sikes-Kline, I have to personally ask, shouldn't we be doing both? Shouldn't we set high AND realistic expectations? Shouldn't we always be asking MORE of our city officials not less? Is it just me or...?

For the most part however, this meeting was, as many expected it would be, a public ringing endorsement for John Regan.

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