TOXIC: Garbage Human rich orbrien Dumps Toxic Garbage In Woods?

Neighbors in rich obrien's F Street neighborhood are furious at findings that the beach commissioner is allegedly using a partially wooded lot for storing toxic chemicals including used paint and other hazardous construction materials.

A neighbor of obrien sent these photos, claiming they are from the commissioner's job site across the street.

If true (which they clearly appear to be) obrien continues to spit in the faces of the residents he claims to serve. He owns St. Augustine's worst mini golf course (fiesta falls) works for Caldwell Banker Premier Properties, and also presumably still owns LaFiesta Inn, despite "selling" the property to a close friend recently (likely for tax purposes). Just so you know which places I'll personally never give my business to, and will tell all my friends to stay away from.

Despite rich obrien's claims that his houses beautify the neighborhood, unpaid neighbors seem to be complaining weekly about his trashing of the beach.

The biggest piece of trash on the island however, is obrien himself.

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