obrien Crews Clean Up Hazards After Social Media Pressure Leads To Alleged EPA Complaints.

rich obrien's neighbors took pictures today as "guys from LaFiesta Inn" came to clean up paint cans, and other hazardous materials believed to be related to commissioner rich obrien's mobile-looking starter homes that everyone hates.

My 904 News was told earlier that the EPA was informed of the hazardous material containers left open in the woods.

A select few dumb asses on social media seemed to think there was nothing wrong with a city official dumping hazardous waste in the woods. Sounds like if there was nothing wrong, obrien's crews from his hotel wouldn't have rushed to clean them up today, after piling up the debris 'for months' according to witnesses.

It appears this was directly related to obrien's projects, and he knew it was wrong, hence the hasty cleanup by his staff.

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