Commissioner Wants To Curb Advertising That Asks Assholes To Visit St. Augustine

The City of St. Augustine is finally figuring out what we've all been saying for over a year now. We don't want to advertise St. Augustine as a party town.

This week, Commissioner Nancy Sikes-Kline said this week that she believes the city should be taking a closer look at how we advertise to "party animals."

ST. AUGUSTINE RECORD: The VCB recently chose a new ad agency, and Sikes-Kline said it seemed like a good time to weigh in on what commissioners would like to see, or not, in advertisements that draw tourists to the city.

“I have been outspoken in those meetings about what I see as the advertisement for the nightlife and drinking. ... A lot of people drinking, pictures of people drinking alcohol, drinking wine and that sort of thing,” Sikes-Kline said. “Which I had not seen that in the past over the years, so that’s something kind of new, advertising the nightlife of St. Augustine.”

The St. Augustine Record's Sheldon Gardner finally stepped away from her extremely biased SJW soapbox, and her role as Nancy Shaver's personal publicist, and wrote a decent summary of Sikes-Kline's suggestions.

So decent, that I'm just going to be lazy and link you to that story if you want to know more...


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