CITY THIEF? Employees Buzzing About Martha Graham - Stealing Money - Exotic Trips on Taxpayer Dime

Employees of the City of St. Augustine say there may be a whole lot more to Public Works Director, Martha Graham's abrupt resignation earlier this year.

City employees say Graham was stealing money, living free, and taking exotic trips, one to Japan, all on the taxpayer's dime and writing them off as work expenses. It has also been mentioned that she may have been very close to the contract that caused so much controversy earlier in the year regarding Matthews Design group, and a contract that may have benefitted the City Manager's daughter.

Sources tell My 904 News that the city allowed Graham to retire instead of being fired. This means she may still be eligible for her pension, and full retirement package.

Graham's retirement is officially set for March 30th. The city may want to consider other options as this could look very bad if they let her keep her kushy benefits after possibly stealing from the city.

Now, is it unheard of for rumors to fly as a high profile official gets ready to leave? Not at all. However we're told that multiple city employees who were close to Graham, are currently buzzing quite a bit about these concerns.

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