TOUGH GUY: rich obrien Likes Fighting Women

Every time he has the opportunity to do so, rich obrien seems to take pride in shoving large objects up our collective asses. From restricting free speech to lying about his building plans on his barbie dream houses.

But did you know that obrien also takes every chance he can to verbally, legislatively, and even physically attack women? Here are our top 4 recent examples, with a bonus thrown in...

#4 - SEXUAL MISCONDUCT SCANDAL: As mayor, rich obrien presided over one of the most disgusting scandals in recent history. After a woman came forward to complain about an incident in which she was sexually harassed by a city employee, City Manager Max Royle tried to cover it up. Responsible press outlets reported on the issue, the employee left amid the scandal, and yet obrien did nothing to hold Royle accountable for the coverup.

Royal is still employed as the City Manager of COSAB.

#3 - VERBAL ASSAULT: obrien, obviously threatened by one of the only commissioners that actually gives a damn about the residents she was elected to serve, resorted recently to name calling when saying Commissioner Maggie Kostka was nothing more than just a "Pew Warmer" in city government, among other verbal insults.

I would like to see this giant cunt (obrien) insult Commissioner Don Samora, as I have to imagine Samora would pound his bitch-ass into the floor.

#2 - HITTING WOMEN: obrien again held no one accountable after his campaign manager was accused of hitting a woman, Rose Bailey with a sign during obrien's campaign. It is egregious to think his campaign manager was not even as much as reprimanded for the incident that was witnessed by many people.

#1 - SHUTTING DOWN SPEECH: Last week, commissioner Maggie Kostka had an item on the agenda. Item 12 was a "Consideration of Censure" which basically gives the public a chance to discuss any issues they have with city government. rich obrien, predictably shut down the agenda item, so that no public comment was allowed.

Not only targeting Kostka, but shutting down (again) the opportunity for the public to express themselves.

On a sidetone, obrien and the city have targeted Kostka recently over ridiculous signage rules. Rules that were voted to be changed last year. Max Royle recently cited Kostka over "flutter signs" after Kostka has been in vocal disagreement with Royle and obrien.

City Manager Max Royle said that he received multiple comlaints about the sign, however when Commissioner Kostka asked to see the complaints, there was in fact only one, and it was from none other than Royle.

So after vocal opposition, the city manager took it upon himself to target her business using city hall as his attack dogs. The citations were eventually dropped, however no apology was issued to Kostka over the obvious targeting.

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