FILL ME IN: Will St. Augustine Be Closing The Inlet?

There's been concern over the last few days by residents, concerning rumors that the City of St. Augustine is planning on closing the inlet. While there was some truth to the chatter, the issue looks to be resolved.

At last night's city commission meeting, Mayor Nancy Shaver said that she did request funding for a study that would look at the impacts of closing/filling in the inlet. She hoped to see particularly how it might affect flooding in the area due to sea level rise, an issue that the Mayor has spend much time researching. She explained that her reasoning for the request was that there was a, "Bucket of money" available that might not come around again soon.

Vice Mayor Todd Neville spoke up at the meeting, asking that she withdraw the request, which he said was made without consent of the rest of the commission, and did not represent their intentions as a whole.

The rest of the commission agreed that Mayor Shaver should withdraw the request, and she promised to do so.

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