SUPPORT: The ARC of the St. Johns Needs Sponsors and Volunteers for Upcoming Events

"We are just a bunch of locals trying to make some fun for those with special needs and disabilities" said Tom Harding, who completely downplayed the amazing impact that he, and others that work with the ARC have on our county.

Now is your chance to get involved with this great organization. The Surf Quest season opening begins on March 31st, and they're looking for sponsors and volunteers to help out in giving people with disabilities, a chance to go out on the water and have some fun!

Surf Quest provides opportunities to enjoy the ocean and connect a caring community of surfers and people disabilities.

"We are a non-profit organization and are always looking for sponsors to help get things for our events. [I'm] hoping some people will see this, and even if they can only volunteer that would be amazing" Harding said.

If you would like to speak with them about sponsorships or volunteering, please call them at 904-824-7249, or email them at Info@ARCsj.Org.

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