BREAKING: Pedro on Lockdown, SAHS Has Scare

Pedro Menendez High School is on lockdown, following reports that a juvenile student who is suspended showed up on the campus, possibly to argue with someone.

(UPDATES) Parents say they've received an "all clear" text, however authorities are remaining at Pedro Menendez as a precaution. Early reports indicate the student has still not been found. One-man who says he is on the scene reports that the outside of the campus is still being secured by police.

Students at Menendez say the person in question may have been dating someone at their school, and they say he came to the campus and caused a scene at the front office.

The St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office confirms they have a warrant out for that student and have been looking for him. The school has been locked down as they search for the student, but he is not believed to be armed or a threat to the school. Investigators could not disclose the nature of the warrant, but we’re told it is not a serious charge. If the student is located, he will be taken in to custody.

Separately, there was a scare at St. Augustine High School today. The St. Johns County School District confirms a fire alarm malfunctioned, leading the school to evacuate. As that was taking place, students reported hearing gunshots. SJSO investigated and determined the shots came from a property where someone was legally conducting target practice.

-Story via Action News

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