GREED? County Rents Entire Pier Parking Lot While Whining About Market Taking Parking

St. Augustine Beach - More and more locals are starting to believe the County and Beach Commissioners have it out for the pier, and especially the Wednesday Market. Many in the area are now saying it's obvious that the issue isn't about parking solutions, or serving citizens, it's all about the $$$$!

While bitching about the Wednesday Market (a local event) taking up too much parking at the pier, St. Johns County decided to rent out the entire parking lot AND the volleyball courts to a BMX bike fair, during a weekend already full of big events. The show reportedly had over 50 vendors!


The County has complained for months (really years) about how much parking the Wednesday Market takes up, and uses that as justification to give the market, it's organizers and vendors a hard time about setting up shop at the pier. This seems a bit odd considering parking was a huge issue for everyone as a result of this recent bike show. In fact, nearby residents say parking was completely taken at the pier by 9am last Saturday, leaving beachgoers and splash park visitors with nowhere to park. We're told about half of those spaces went to event staff of the show, who unpacked and stayed put.

A side affect of all this was that traffic was backed up in all directions for much of the day. SHOCKER!

The County sure is getting good at blatantly not giving a f#ck about residents!

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