CHANGE: St. Augustine Needs Candidates Who Focus On Local Quality Of Life

Commissioners have been talking a lot about things like "tourism fatigue" over the last year as locals grow more impatient with the "over-marketing" of St. Augustine as a tourist destination. Quarter million dollar ad campaigns now ask tourists year round to add to the county's quarter million people.

While we are definitely a town that sees a boost from some tourism, city officials have not adequately prepared our infrastructure to handle the challenges that come along with the overcrowding that we no longer get a break from. Not to mention the 365 day energy it drains as we are forced to yell at tourists in attempts to aggressively teach them how to drive during our daily commutes.

Let's keep this short and simple... This year there are some key seats up for grabs with the City, County, and Beach Commissions. If elected officials, or candidates won't pledge to focus on the needs of locals first, they should not be elected. PERIOD.

If we continue to lose elected offices to people who don't care, or just want an easy check and a prestigious title, we won't have much longer before St. Augustine politics run our county into the ground.

We need to make real change locally, and we have elections right around the corner.

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