CALLED OUT: Record Tries Tricks With More Untrue 'News' - Losing Credibility Daily

And this is why people are dropping Record subscriptions left and right. The "mullet wrapper" as most refer to it now, doesn't reflect the views of it's dwindling readership, and hasn't for a while now.

The St. Augustine Record, which WAS owned by Morris Communications (Based in Georgia), but was sold again last year, and is now owned by Gatehouse Media, a multi-state media giant also not based in St. Augustine. Today they ran this presumably paid for piece calling the St. Augustine Beach Embassy suites monstrosity a, "Freshening of the St. Augustine Beach community rather than a transformation," clearly thinking they can just lie to people and expect us to eat it up.

"Hey look everyone, the Record says the hotel is great, so let's blindly show support now!" Said no local ever.

Their post of the story was not received the way I'm sure they would have hoped...

The Embassy in the eyes of many locals represents the selling-out of our city by a crooked political gang that seems hellbent on destroying local quality of life.

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