Woman Named CRYSTAL METHvin Arrested For CRYSTAL METH... AGAIN

This is a true story, so don't bitch and whine to me that I'm making fun of your methed out friend. How about telling her to get her shit together before you cry to me about it. I just report this shit.

Her name is CRYSTAL METHvin, and she was busted for CRYSTAL METH. It's not only coincidental but the coincidence is humorous. It just is. If you want to protect her from people pointing out this coincidence, tell her not to get on meth again. That will definitely prevent another story like this in the future.

SAPD - Officers responded to the parking lot at (69 S. Dixie Hwy) this morning at approx. 0600hrs, after receiving an anonymous complaint, about an unlicensed driver.

When the officers arrived, they found three subjects sitting in a parked vehicle. A consent to search the vehicle and individuals, revealed they were in possession of drug paraphernalia and a substance that was field tested and tested positive for Crystal Meth. Both were placed into custody by Officer J. Brown (#2942) and escorted to the St. John’s County jail.#SAPD18OFF001387

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