Ugly Beach Embassy Keeps Taking. Will Commissioners Keep Giving?

Beach residents have been talking a lot about the Embassy suites again. Many of them have hated it for a while, but Commissioners seem to oblivious to realize it.

The newest topic of conversation is a proposed addition to the already hated Embassy Suites project, in the form of a waterpark, not for use by people who live here and have to see this eyesore destroy their view, but for use only by their guests.

"Property owners want to install $600,000 worth of water playground equipment for guests. The request will go to the City Commission on Monday for a vote because it would be a change to development plans," reports the St. Augustine Record.

The Planning and Zoning Board reviewed the proposal and recommended that the City Commission turn it down. This means we can most likely expect AT LEAST, rich obrien, and Margaret England to vote in favor of the water park, since they seem to give the absolute least amount of fucks about how residents feel.

Slick Brian Law, the Building Official said in a letter to the board, that the city’s Land Development Regulations don’t specifically address things such as the water park. He recommended the park be allowed because the overall height of the equipment will be less than 35 feet — a height limit for buildings in the city — and it meets city setback requirements.

But planning board Chair Jane West said the height calculations concerned her.

The equipment itself will be, at its tallest point, about 28.5 feet tall. But it appeared the equipment would actually stretch over 40 feet tall because it would be built starting at a higher elevation because of flood regulations.She also said the original plans called for a peaceful resort setting, a description that doesn’t fit a children’s water park.

“I really want you to stick with what was originally proposed and not tackify our beach,” West said.

The Commission will vote on Monday, and let's be honest, they will likely disappoint locals, and discount residents' concerns once again.

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