DENIED: Beach Commissioners Listen To Public Outcry, Deny 'Guests Only' Embassy Waterpark

It was a full house as the Beach Commission heard from nervous Embassy lawyers, their hands visibly shaking while presenting slides in front of a mostly unwelcoming crowd of concerned beach residents.

The Embassy was hoping for approval of a revision to their original design, that would now incorporate a waterpark-like structure to be built on the property, which would in total, reach over 40 feet in the air. The Planning and Zoning Board recommended going into the meeting, that the request be denied.

The people of St. Augustine Beach felt the same way overwhelmingly.

Commissioners said they heard from the public at a rate of about 3 to 1, expressing their disapproval for the project.

"We were elected to represent the people in our community," said Commissioner Maggie Kostka, who seconded the motion from Mayor Undine George that the request be denied.

All other Commissioners then jumped on board and the request was unanimously denied.

The denial can still be appealed, so this may just be the first step in a drawn out process.

This action had a lot to do with people expressing their concerns, and our city government hearing those people and reacting accordingly. If you continue to make your voice heard, you will (hopefully) continue to see results. Chalk this one up as a win for residents.

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